Hotelier Excellence™

This course has been developed to provide essential information to transform the 3As™ in your hotel team –  Awareness – Attitude – Approach

Using Natural Learning Processes focusses on areas of development for the team that will directly impact guest experience at your hotel.

These tools & techniques will empower you and your team to provide first class support and service to every customeR.

Your team’s improved competence and capabilities will directly enhance your hotel guests’ experience.

Results are guaranteed when our clear and easy to understand tools and techniques are applied competently for communicating with customers.

Workshop Modules

  •  Self-Development and it’s application in professional work place.
  •  Enhancing Guest Experience at your hotel.

Highlights & Objectives

  1. Applying the ‘at cause’ attitude (proactive approach)
  2. Build outstanding rapport skills – applying the 3A approach (Awareness-Attitude-Approach).
  3. Understand guest’s perspective to enable superior service.
  4. Getting rid of limiting (negative) beliefs.
  5. Communication skills – understand your role as a ‘Guest Experience Custodian’.
  6. Perform with an exceptional level of confidence and competence.
  7. Applying constructive solutions when handling resistance and resolving conflict.
  8. Become a highly accomplished and motivated Hotelier.

Course Structure

  • To ensure continuous professional and personal development, the course is delivered over a 3 to 12 month period (bespoke timelines can be worked out as well)
  • Designed as a bespoke programme incorporating live workshops.
  • Each workshop is delivered over 2-3 days.
  • To maximise learning and complement continuous development, there are set activities and exercises to be completed for self-study.
  • One-to-One assessment and reviews between workshops.
  • Quarterly evaluation report submitted to management.