Hotelier Excellence™

‘Excellence is not an act, but a way of life’

In the hospitality industry, understanding the customer, being able to perceive their needs in advance, and delivering on them is key to the success of any Hotel. Now, more than ever, the customer is at the centre of our business.

Hotel teams need great self-confidence, excellent communication, higher guest perception and problem resolution skills to allow them to deliver outstanding levels of service.

Many guests today are well travelled and seasoned users of hotels and restaurants. Quite often they are more experienced in this way of life than the people who are serving them.

How do we help these hotel team members to perceive the guest and know what will deliver the highest level of guest satisfaction for each and every individual?

We believe that along with the operational training and ‘skill set’, given the right ‘mindsight’, your team can achieve the success they and you deserve.

“The content of the course is totally applicable to a hotelier’s needs. The topics covered can be easily used by the team not only for guest interaction but also in their daily operation with their team and supervisors. It surely gives an opportunity to solve and connect with the other person better; build rapport and more effective communication.” – GM Operations Boutique Hotel group

What is Hotelier Excellence™?

Hotelier Excellence™ is a new, refreshingly different and intensive Professional Development Programme delivered through Training Workshops and Personal Coaching by Aurora Hospitality.

The Hotelier Excellence™ Programme has been designed specifically to provide a hotel’s team with a sustainable transformation in the 3As™.

Awareness – Attitude – Approach

The Programme focuses on ‘mindsight’ and leadership development – which when applied will directly impact revenue and enhance guest experience.

Hotelier Excellence™ was launched in 2017 and has already proved to provide excellent results for Hotel management and staff who have received this specialist training and coaching.

How does Hotelier Excellence™ work?

By implementing Tools and Techniques that influence shifts in Awareness – Attitude – Approach (the 3As™). These empowering techniques directly impact the individual’s mindset

  • What they know
  • How they think;
  • How they communicate; and
  • How they operate and lead.

Applying the 3As™ enables them to increase self-initiative, take ownership, and enhance personal performance when working towards the end goal – profit via guest satisfaction – an absolute Win-Win.

Benefits of Hotelier Excellence™:

  • Better understanding of Guest Perspective and what REALLY creates guest satisfaction;
  • Holistic business perspective – identifying leaks in revenue and fixing them;
  • Develop your and your team’s ‘Growth Mindset’;
  • Make the most of your day – prioritise what’s important;
  • Gaining knowledge of ‘what works for the guest’;
  • The power and importance of Feedback – how to implement the system for it;
  • Methods and Tools to manage your own behaviours in difficult situations;
  • How to create new empowering habits to boost your professional (and personal) life;
  • Applying the ‘at cause’ attitude (proactive approach);
  • Build outstanding rapport skills – applying the 3A methodology;
  • Getting rid of limiting (negative) beliefs;
  • Communication skills – understand your role as a ‘Guest Experience Custodian’;
  • Perform with an exceptional level of confidence and competence;
  • Applying constructive solutions when handling resistance and resolving conflict;
  • Become a highly accomplished and motivated Hotelier.
  • And a lot lot lot more…..

Workshops and Courses

  • Designed as a bespoke programme incorporating live workshops.
  • Each workshop is delivered over 1-3 days.
  • To maximise learning and complement continuous development, there are set activities and exercises to be completed for self-study.
  • One-to-One assessment and reviews between workshops.
  • Quarterly evaluation report submitted to management.