“The training was so easy to apply to my area of work and the daily F&B operations.   Amisha, you are doing just great! Keep it up!”

F & B Manager, Luxury Hotel

“Found it very interesting and easy to learn. Few topics I found familiar which i read few years back in a book ‘You can Win’. Will try implementing to an existing personal problem of mine. Hope will succeed and solve it.”

IT Manager, Luxury Hotel

“The training was very relevant to our area of work and the learnings can very easily be applied. It was also very productive use of our time and I am sure that i can add more such trainings to my future. I am now getting things done i a much more productive way.”

HR Manager, Luxury Hotel

“The training was very good in terms of learning, developing my sales skills, understanding team performance and evaluation. The training was very good.”

Sales Manager, Luxury Hotel

“Very useful for day to day operations..Also very easy to implement. There was a lot of participation invited from the team which I enjoyed”

Chief Engineer, Luxury Hotel

“Great programme and the learnings can very easily applied to our area of work. It is essential to have such programmes on regular periodicity. Great Ms Bhardwaj!”

Director Finance, Luxury Hotel

“Training was excellent. Completely a different experience. Certain points are really eye opening. Moreover the content was totally relevant to my area of work and the learnings can be very easily applied to day to day hotel operations.”

F&B Manager…Boutique Resort

“Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.  Nice balance of theory and practice
The specific instructions for applying in my daily operations were very helpful”

Chief Engineer – Boutique Resort

“The training is great and am now looking forward to the Certification Course”

Learning & Development Manager Boutique Hotel Group

“I realized how many things we overlook and if we concentrated on these, we would have great guest experience and yield better results”

Front Office Manager, Boutique Hotel

“The Hotelier Excellence programme was very good. Please keep more of these! Will apply the same to my hotel operations from the outcome of these sessions”

Food & Beverage Manager, Airport Hotel

“The content of the course is totally applicable to a hotelier’s needs. The topics covered can be easily used by the team not only for guest interaction but also in their daily operation with their team and supervisors. It surely gives an opportunity to solve and connect with the other person better; build rapport and more effective communication.”

GM operations Boutique Hotel group

“The training is very relevant to our area of work in the hotel industry. It encourages us to think differently and look for solutions when we are staring at the problem…and also not to over analyse the situation (as I tend to do). Moreover the learnings can be easily applied to my area of work based on the specific situations and examples that were sited.”

Director of Sales, Kerala Luxury Hotel

“Almost everything shared and experienced during training, was involved in my day to day work.The exact terminology to that situation or action or reaction was missing, but after this training could analyse and understand guest & those situations in far better way.Apart from that, knowing different body language to know your guest and building rapport with them has been very helpful and which has ultimately pushed my confidence to next level.”

Director of Sales, Mumbai Business Hotel

“I intend to apply my set of learnings from the training in day to day operations by way of:
1.Anticipating guests requirements
2.Creating excellent rapport with the guests; and
3.Providing ‘a wow factor’ to our guests.”

EAM – Boutique Hotel

“The training gave me an insight of the guest’s thinking process and has made me patient to listen them out first before solving their problems.”

Manager, Bangalore Hotel

“The training is very relevant to my function as a General Manager of a luxury property. The engagement was really effective. I have already put into use these very easy to use techniques and find a huge difference in dealing with my team.”

General Manager, Boutique Luxury Hotel

“Yes, the information shared will assist to competently gauging guest personalities better, facilitate direct interaction and indirectly enhance and magnify my rapport with the guests.”

Banquet Manager, Mumbai Hotel

“I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and now have a valuable experience for myself.

Executive Chef – Hyderabad Hotel

“I am able to apply the learnings from the training on the job on conversations with clients and it does make a difference.”

Sales Executive, Bangalore Hotel

“I would not say that I have changed a greater extent, but trying to be calm and analyze the situation before reacting”

Property Manager, Pondicherry Hotel

“I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and now valuable experience under myself”

Reservations Manager, Kerala Hotel

“I felt that with the help of correct direction of this training we all will help each other to put our efforts and knowledge to improve our hotel’s reputation and revenue”

F&B Manager – Mumbai Hotel

“It gave me a more focused understanding of certain aspects that we tend to take for granted often and do not proactively work on honing them.”

Front Office Manager, Kerala Hotel

“Since I wanted to learn psychology, and this somewhere relates to it. I completely enjoyed the session. I feel more confident and a bit less fearless about rude customer (if I have to face any) through matching and mirroring”

HR Manager, Mumbai Hotel

“Very much. Learnt a lot of new techniques to tackle a angry person. Would love to get more of it.”

Guest Relations, Mumbai Hotel

“Very positively it has resulted in dealing with guests, travel agents, other queries in a positive approach and confidence.”

Sales & Marketing, Kerala Luxury Hotels

“Yes it made an impact and change in the way we interact with the guests and training was very helpful.”

Reservations Executive – Bangalore Resort

“Applying the training on my staff and keeping the basics exercised so that I would in near future master the art of problem solving and knowing the guest better.”

General Manager – Bangalore Hotel

“I intend to apply my set of learnings from the training in day to day operations by way of:
1. Anticipating guests needs.
2. Providing a comfort to the guest.
3. Giving a comfort and an excellence service which will full of meaningful interaction.”

Head of Housekeeping – Boutique Hotel

“I am trying to observe my opponent for understanding but that was not easy, I need more practice, will keep on try.”

Restaurant Manager – Luxury Boutique Hotel

“I know I am looking some latest modular training programme and it easy to understand and what we have trained and we need to explain to down the level staffs too for that I am expecting more!”

Reservations Manager, Bangalore Hotel

“The training was at the right time as we require it! I have just joined the company and it is a great start with a very worthy training. The way of training was absolutely in an excellent way and presentations were quite understandable. Will definitely apply in my area of operation and pass down the line to the team.”

Executive Chef, Kerala Luxury Hotels