Our Workshops

Professional Development Workshop 2 Day
  • Create beliefs of excellence
  • The proper way to set goals and outcomes
  • Develop your ‘mindsight’
  • Acquire sustainable strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Keep a positive and focussed state of mind.
  • Achieve success and create an impact in everything you do.
  • Learn methods that can be applied to any aspect of your professional and personal life.
Sales and Client Relationships 2 Days
  • The workshop uses neuro linguistic programming to achieve professional goals and targets.
  • Understanding the psyche behind customers and thus improving sales. Moving to customer centric approach.
  • Objective:To Move Organization towards Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics
Align your organisation 2 Days
  • This workshop helps identify the barriers to productivity and performance.
  • It helps tap the INFINITE pool of energy and moves teams from time management to energy management, through psychological insights, experiential learning and practical application.
  • This will help participants develop an AUTHENTIC PERSONAL LEADERSHIP STYLE.
  • Objective: To understand the Neurobiology of Goal achievement, to experience Ontological model of Leadership and Mindful Leadership and to train the brain for productivity and performance enhancement.

What will you get in 2 days

  1. Powerful communication tools to sell, manage, negotiate, heal, lead and inspire…more effectively
  2. New techniques to guarantee higher guest experience.
  3. Ability to build better rapport
  4. Access your team’s and your own untapped potential.More confidence
  5. Removing of negative belief and creating empowering thought patterns
  6. Eradicate problems & emotions that hold you back…
  7. Developing ‘excellence’ in all areas of your life
  8. Leadership in your career.

Who should attend?

  • Hotel business heads
  • General Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Front Office Managers
  • Guest Relation executives
  • Food & Beverage Managers
  • YOU!

Why you should attend?

To create the difference in yourself that makes the difference in your career.


Do i have to attend through my hotel company?

No you can book the course directly on your own as well.

Can I change my dates?

Yes. We just ask for a 2 week notice period. If you are sick and can’t attend, please just let us know and we can book you onto another date.

What sort of material will I get?

You will receive handouts and presentation copies on email to refer to for post study.

Is the programme certified?

Yes. you will receive a LEVEL 1 certification at the end of it.

Is there more after this programme?

Yes. you can move up to the LEVEL 2 programme.

What sort of Post workshop support will i get?

We offer you online support for upto 2 months after the foundation workshop to go over any topics that you wish to revisit.

What if I just don’t get it?

Keep coming back… Change isn’t always as easy as some make out. You are welcome to re-attend the course anywhere in India until you don’t need them anymore.

I’m going through a tough time, should I reschedule?

No. Come along to the course you have booked. We provide one-to-one coaching after the course.