Hotel Management Outsourcing

Hotel Management Outsourcing

Aurora Hospitality provides hotel revenue and reservation management services for independent and group hotels around the world.

It is challenging for independent hotels and small groups to stay up on top of their game with the fast paced and rapidly evolving traveller. New age travel and distribution methods are being launched continuously.

Hotels in these segments end up investing more and profiting less due to a constant need to reinvent their products, experiences and develop their teams.

You cannot afford to be left behind!

Aurora Hospitality brings over 100 man years of hospitality business experience and knowledge to manage your hotels sales, distribution and reservations functions and bring in solid results.

With our services, our hotel partners have been able to outperform their profit levels and turn your hotel into cash cows. You can achieve this too!

Right from managing the hotel’s reservations offices to creating profitability via clever sales & operations strategies AS WELL AS training and development of your hotel’s team, we guarantee success.