Drive profitability, optimize guest experience, and navigate industry trends

with our data-driven expertise

Aurora Hospitality is an international company specialising in hotel revenue management and profit consulting.

Our core areas of consulting include:

Hotel Asset management.

Pre opening strategy and revenue plan.

Revenue and Profit through distribution (via our signature Reservoir™ programme)

Profitability via Reservations call centre

Inhouse strategy

Hospitality business and success training.

Hotel business trading

We consult and manage a large international portfolio of hotels from small boutique hotels to large luxury and time share resorts.

How we are different:

We believe in the individual character and unique customer experience of the independent hotel. With an online market place driven by reputation and guest reviews, the success of an original hotel concept can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure.

With creative strategies and proven best practices we turn around hotel properties. We challenge the status-quo, re-position hotels to outperform their competition and become leaders in their local market.

What makes us happy:

We like to keep things simple.

Working with hotels who want and are willing to excel, even if it means using out of the box methodologies.

We are result driven and work with great passion to uncover the hidden revenue and profit potential of your hotel….without the use of industry